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1.1 Properties of a ‘Healthy’ Soil
1.2 Describing a Soil
1.3 Erosion Potential
2.1 Soil Water Holding Capacity
2.2 Storage of Water and Nutrients
2.3 Soil pH
2.4 Key Nutrients
2.5 Factors that influence your nutrient decisions
2.6 Principles of Nutrition
2.7 Nutrient roles in crop production
2.8 How Nutrients Work
2.9 Nutrition Hot Spots
2.10 Soil Tests
2.11 Plant tests
2.12 Check Your Yield
3.1 Nutrient Planning for Pastures
3.2 Soil Acidity and Liming
3.3 Exchangeable Cations
3.4 Nitrogen for Pastures
3.5 Phosphorus
3.6 Potassium
3.7 Sulphur For Pastures
3.8 Trace Elements for Pastures
3.9 Soil Water Holding Capacity
3.10 Storage of Water and Nutrients
3.11 Soil pH
3.12 Key Nutrients
4.1 Why Is Life in the Soil Important?
4.2 Biological Activity
4.3 VAM - the beneficial fungi that feed plants
4.4 Herbicides and Life in the Soil
4.5 In search of a recipe for disease suppressive soil
4.6 Free nitrogen from the air
4.7 Soil Disease and Suppressive Soils
5.1 Soil Water Holding Capacity
5.2 Storage of Water and Nutrients
5.3 Soil pH
5.4 Key Nutrients
5.5 What Happens to Rain On Your Paddocks?
5.6 Does summer weed control save soil water?
5.7 Calculating maximum plant available water of your rootzone
5.8 Increasing Plant Available Water
5.9 Does Your Soil Sip?
5.10 Soil Water Facts
5.11 Erosion Potential
6.1 Freedom from Barriers
6.2 Soil Structure and Friability
6.3 Test Your Soil Strength
6.4 What Is Controlled Traffic?
6.5 What Is Tramlining?
6.7 Soil Acidity effects & Management
6.8 Considerations for Liming
6.9 Exchangeable Cations


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