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Welcome to the Better Soils collection of information modules. Click a title from the list to the right for a summary of the module and a list of its individual units.


Module 1 provides an overview of the characteristics of healthy soils, soil classification and erosion potential.


Modules 2 and 3 examine the links between soil and nutrition, module 2 from the perspective of crops and module 3 from that of pasture.


Soil biota make a significant contribution to the health of your soil and module 4 examines this is in detail.


Module 5 focuses on the management of soil moisture including soils' storage properties, summer weed control and PAW.


Module 6 is concerned with the barriers-physical, chemical and biological- to effective root growth.

Module 1- How Healthy is Your Soil?

Module 2- Soil and Nutrition- Crops

Module 3- Soil and Nutrition Pasture

Module 4- Living Soil Better Soil

Module 5- Managing Soil Moisture

Module 6- Barriers to Root Growth



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