Soil Water Solutions


Soil Water Solutions has several computer programs which we use regularly that would be useful for those doing similar work. All are supplied on a ‘try before you buy’ basis Some are a bit old and require a ‘dos’ window in Windows XP. But they all work in XP


RS232 data recorder. Designed to replace the error prone process of writing down endless numbers collected by balances Produces a numbered list of weights with a header line supplied by user. Price $30

Advanced water retention curve analysis. This software is unique to Soil Water Solutions - developed over some 30 years working with water retention data. Price $200

Input data for this program is a draining water retention curve - in good detail near the wet end.  It then calculates the pore size distribution, the relative hydraulic conductivity relationship (using Jackson or Millinton & Quirk methods). It also estimates the rate that a plant root can extract water from this soil under different conditions

NOTE This program uses numerical methods - there are NO fitted curves which often cause huge errors in analytical methods.- it interpolates the actual measured data


Field data analysis package: Anyone who has tried to deal with a substantial field data project in a spreadsheet will instantly see the benefit of this program.  It stores soil profiles of data (eg water contents) for treatments and replicates across time and provides instant access to combinations of this data. eg water content at a depth vs time, water content of a soil profile meaned for a treatment across time etc Price $150 GST incl