Soil Water Solutions


Cliff Hignett, the principal consultant and manager of Soil Water Solutions, has wide experience in dealing with problem soils and finding ways to improve them. His background includes formal research with CSIRO (dealing with problems of dryland crops, root system development, and electronic instrumentation of soil water) He also has consulted for many mining companies advising on land rehabilitation after mining or waste disposal.

Some indication of the range of services can be seen from the following list of clients and tasks completed in the past.:

International Atomic Energy agency to measure usefulness of a range of soil water measurement devices

Rural Solutions: to supplement basic soil mapping with water holding information

Southern Yorke Peninsula Alkaline Soils group, set up trials to measure effectiveness of treatments for non wetting sands

Rio Tinto, to map areas near Ranger Uranium Mine for their water disposal capability

Measurement Engineering Australia.  to calibrate soil water measuring instruments

Adelaide Oval: to suggest solutions to water logging areas on the playing surface

Adelaide University (soil science dept) : calibrate capacitive water sensors