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Enersalt will provide advice over the phone or email (with followup emails and phone calls) on whether a solar pond will be appropriate for your circumstances and application.

In most cases we can give an approximate quote for a system to meet your requirements.

This service is free of charge - please phone or email to discuss your energy needs with us.

Phone: Enersalt Pty Ltd

Head Office + 61 (0)8 8339 2129 or
Projects Office +61 (0)8 8276 7706

Email: see Contact Us page


If you decide to work with us at Enersalt, we can :-

  • Provide detailed energy requirement & pond output planning software with preliminary pond design parameters;
  • Manage the construction of your pond, or
  • We will assist you to manage the construction of the pond; this will usually include us being on-site, at least during salinity gradient establishment. We Supply a detailed design (including computer designed heat exchanger) for the right solar pond for your task and location;
  • Sell measurement technology to help maintain your pond;
  • Train you to do the maintenance - including clarity management and prevention of gradient turnover.


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