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Enersalt specialises in all aspects of solar pond construction, operation and research and development.

Solar Pond Renewable Energy technology can produce:

  • Hot Water Heat Energy at well below the cost of LP Gas or heat to electricity methods (including heat pumps);
  • fresh water from salt water (at zero running cost);
  • greenhouse gas free electrical power
  • renewable energy greenhouse trading credits (carbon credits).
Governments are looking favourably on the multi-site Renewable Energy generation pottential of solar ponds.

There are numerous generous funding subsidies for construction of renewable energy systems.

Where land is relatively cheap, energy generation by solar ponds is a profitable replacement for fossil fuel energy NOW! Running costs are negligible and you are freed from continually rising fossil fuel prices.

Enersalt will design and build your solar pond or supply you with expertise to manage the process yourself. We also sell monitoring equipment provide operational training.

Enersalt also provides systems and linkages to enable you to sell carbon credits generated by your new renewable energy system.


The Directors of Enersalt

Rob Paterson

Rob Paterson BSc (Hons) BVMS, Director | Research

Rob has worked for 14 years in Australia and South East Asia in roles of farm consultant, senior farm manager and researcher.
He has also spent 18 months as a rural and environmental advisor to a Federal Politician and now also manages his own sustainable land management business - EnviroNova Sustainability Solutions.


Cliff Hignett

Cliff Hignett, BAppSc, CPSS, Director | Projects

Cliff is an agricultural consultant specialising in the way soils and plants interact with water. Cliff worked for 35 years with CSIRO in all states of Australia before starting Soil Water Solutions. His soils work focuses on problems associated with water use efficiency of crops, as well as on land rehabilitation.


Adam Lean

Adam Lean, Director

Adam is a senior manager with Netafim Australia - A major multinational supplier of Efficient Irrigation equipment.

He has had over 10 years experience in irrigation supply and irrigation system design.


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