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Research Update 08/2009

Enersalt is currently working with PLASTIPACK UK to research effective anti-evaporation technology to expand the geographical range for Solar Ponds.

Plastipack is a leader in anti-evaporation cover technologies for dams and other water storages. Visit their site  to find out how you can conserve crucial water supplies at your farm or business.

Plastipack UK



Rural Liquid Petroleum Gas Tanks
  Solar Ponds can replace Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) use in rural areas, thus generating increasingly valuable carbon credits






Enersalt Pty Ltd specialises in Salt Gradient Solar Ponds and associated technologies.

We build solar ponds for customers requiring large supplies of low cost heat energy. We also conduct research, development and commercial trials on all aspects of solar pond systems.

Solar Ponds were originally developed in Israel & the USA during the energy shocks of the 1970s and early 1980s. They collect and store solar energy in the lower layer of a lined dam of saline water.

Due to their high thermal mass, Solar Ponds are one of the only solar technologies to yield energy 24 hours per day and into periods of cloudy weather.

Heat energy produced is cheaper than use of LP Gas or electricity-to-heat methods.



Solar ponds are ideal for use in agricultural, industrial or municipal applications in areas where land is relatively cheap.

Enersalt has developed intellectual property in a complete range of pond configuration, establishment, heat extraction, computer data harvesting & analysis, salinity gradient stability control, membrane systems and heat-to-application technologies (including desalination).

We can advise on, and arrange supply of, equipment to convert solar pond energy to water based heating (under floor heating for livestock housing, tank heaters for aquaculture, water heaters for dairy or abattoir washdown, radiators for glasshouses) electricity, hot air (to warm glass houses or dry produce) and to desalinate water. We work closely with a number of other renewables technology companies.



Southern and Western Australia has thousands of salt lakes like this. Many are a result of worsening dryland salinity

... Using salt lakes to collect solar energy ...

Why not use these lakes on your land to provide energy and fresh water or electricity...


Enersalt can provide advice, plans, expertise or complete management for solar pond establishment.


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