Soil Water Solutions

Field Gear

Items needed by soil surveyors and field experimentalists (if you cant find it here - ask!)

1. Munsell colour books

2. Easily visible scales to hang on a pit wall for depth indication

3. Evaporation pans : to measure evaporation rate

4. Tensiometers

5. TDR buriable probles

Munsel colour books

These are sourced from overseas so the price may vary a bit - around $250 incl GST.

We can also source the definitive work on soil physical methods in the field “ Methods of Soil Analysis Part 4 - Physical Methods (Soil Science Society of America) Ed J H Dane and G C Topp, - 1692 pages with every conceivable soil physics field method



Pit scales: (see photo right)

A simple item but very hard to find

Price $45 GST incl


Evaporation Pan $1050 with stillage well and filler cylinder


Tensiometers :  For measuring soil water tension in wet soils.  We dont sell these any more but they are available from the manufacturer (kovac electronics 03 5022 2264) This type use a vacuum guage with a needle for measurement (you only need one of these) Approx prices: $400 (reader) and tensiometers which you bury at strategic points in the soil (15cm long $20, 90cm long $35)

TDR buriable Probes These are a lower cost probe which is not so rugged as the official model but perfectly servicable if treated gently Price $70 incl GST with 2m leads. Ring for other lengths

Special We have 20 probes with mold defects (bubbles etc ) servicable but unlovely Price $50 Range of lead lengths