Soil Water Solutions


Laboratory and Field Balance

Soil Water Solutions normally does not carry general lab equipment , but these balances are good quality, very cheap, and not readily available in Australia.  They are part of a big range, but we will carry only two. 

We will carry stocks of the iM01 model - 1000g x 0.01 precision with RS232 output powered by SLA battery or plugpack, and a field ‘pocket’ balance 400g x 0.1 g precision powered by 2xAAA batteries

Pocket (field) Balance

400Z pocket scales. (400 x 0.1 g)

Displays in ounces, grams, troy ounces, pennyweight. powered by 2x AAA batteries $TBA


Laboratory Balance i-M01  (1000 x 0.01 g):

Dual display precision lab balance. Comes complete with built in rechargeable battery, or runs on 9V DC plugpack.  Bright red LED dual panel display, locking load cell, wind cover, stainless steel tray, and level bubble.  RS232 port for computer recording of weights.  Displays weighing units in Grams, Troy Ounces, Carats, and Parts Counting. $300 GST included

We are offering quantity discounts (20% off for 2 or more units purchased at the same time )

We also have MS Windows software to take advantage of the RS232 port facility which will record weights to a CSV format text file either on a mouse click or by a timer at regular intervals. This software is included free of charge but you will need to get an RS232 cable and a computer with an old fashioned RS232 port (USB to RS232 converters don’t work at this stage)  balanceiM01a-SML02balanceiM01c02