Soil Water Solutions


Soil Water Solutions is a consultancy specialising in the relationship between plants, soils and water. We back our advice with a comprehensive range of laboratory services to measure the relation between root systems, soils and water and a range of equipment needed by those measuring the soil physical environment.

We offer one of the very few services in Australia where the soil properties needed for precision irrigation can be measured

We are sole Australian manufacturers of a number of specialist devices used in soil water measurement


The principal consultant . Cliff Hignett, B AppSci
Cliff is a long time member of the Australian Soil Science Society. His primary expertise is in matters relating to the interface between plants and soils: root systems, water storage in soils, water entry into soils, soil barriers to root development, rehabilitation of degraded soils etc.  Soil Water Solutions, keeps abreast of the latest services, technology and developments in the industry and is the sole provider of several items of equipment used in the field.
Cliff had 35 years experience in CSIRO dealing with problems relating to the water use of crops, problems with soil hard pans, effects of salinity and other soil environment issues.  He spent 5 years with the CSIRO Minesite Rehabilitation Group assessing rehabilitation areas and establishing new ones.  
Since setting up Soil Water Solutions in 1996 Cliff has worked on a diverse range of soil and water problems from mapping soils, to correcting problems with soil water entry to soils, hardpans. Projects have been completed in every state in Australia. He regularly is asked to speak at grower meetings where he usually talks about how Australia’s very old and worn out soils can be given a new lease of life, or how soils can be constructed to achieve maximum production for a particular crop.

Clients of Soil Water Solutions include: Energy Resources Australia, Southcorp Wines, Torrens TAFE, GHD, Jon Lamb Communications, PIRSA, SARDI, Northern Territory Agricultural Association, Southern York Peninsula Alkaline Soils Group, Measurement Engineering Australia, International Atomic Energy Agency, local councils, SENRAC, many engineering consultancies and farming and horticultural businesses.